MPP Tech

MPP Tech GmbH is a registered and ISO 9001-certificated company. Our core business is the mechanical and electrical revitalization and modernization of steam turbine units, and we provide professional engineering, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services in Europe and Asia.

MPP Tech GmbH was founded in Austria in 1998. We grew very rapidly with our experienced and highly specialized staff. With our international team, we can tailor our services to the needs of customers in different regions and comply with both domestic and international standards.

We enjoy close working relationships with turbine manufacturers enabling us to offer efficient, effective and reliable solutions to problems with turbines of any kind and any power range.

At MPP Tech GmbH, we pride ourselves on our highly professional operation. We are committed to keeping our customers satisfied and to ensuring that projects are completed on budget and on time. Our partnership with our clients and suppliers is the key to meeting our prime objective - working together to achieve shared goals. And it goes without saying that all our activities have safety and security as their number one priority!

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